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Inspire, Empower, Promote

Aspiring Youth of Chicago (AYC) engages schools, churches, community organizations and other non-profits to identify children who would benefit from exposure to new experiences.


Youth living in high poverty and high crime neighborhoods often lack opportunity and community resources that would help them envision alternative prospects.


AYC seeks to provide positive learning experiences and opportunities to inspire them to seek a brighter future. 

Our Goals for Participants

Girl in Wheelchair
school performance
  • Connects students with local colleges and universities to demonstrate to participants that a college education is possible.  These experiences include field trips and sessions with college recruiters, instructors and students.


  • Provides tutoring services to students, including a partnership with Dominican University that provides student led tutoring sessions.

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to seek a higher education
  • Provides opportunities for professional career counseling for students unsure of their college future.

  • Works with business professionals to inform students about career choices and academic requirements needed to obtain these professional positions.

  • Will grant up to $1,000 in scholarships to college enrolled students receiving financial aid but need additional assistance with expenses such as books, transportation and food.

  • Provides access to educational professionals for those seeking a college scholarship.

  • Coordinates field trips to local colleges and universities to engage with college recruiters, instructors, counselors and students in order to understand that a college education is within reach.

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a career path
  • Links students with professionals in business, health care and law enforcement agencies as a way of introducing various career opportunities.

  • Arranges field trips to multiple types of businesses to expose youth to different careers.

  • Assists with job placement, summer and after school employment.

greater understanding & appreciation of others
  • Arranges visits to high schools in other neighborhoods to give opportunities for interaction and communication in order to hopefully gain a better understanding of each other.

  • Provides opportunities for participants to volunteer at other non-profit organizations.

  • Provides mentors/volunteers to help participants who need assistance and support.

  • Arranges meetings with police and law enforcement agencies to help restore trust.

  • Facilitates and funds trips to parks, museums, sporting events and other venues so the youth can experience other social, educational and recreational opportunities.

  • Provides professional counselors to help children cope with the effects of crime and violence.

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